"This women problem"

It's not a gender issue - it's a business opportunity

It’s a matter of leadership, structure & culture. And a single woman in leadership does not make a diverse and inclusive corporate culture.

Organizations and companies need equity, equal distribution and equal treatment – not only for women. After all, this is the only way to realize the full potential. In order to achieve change here, the structures and, through them, the cultures in which inclusion is lived and managed must be created. Companies benefit from more diversity at all levels – but only if these teams can work together in an inclusive way that makes their diversity beneficial.

PS: Foosball and free beer are not corporate culture.

Hit the glass ceiling? We stumble on the broken rung of the career ladder on the way there.

Women in leadership – how do we get there? By designing the right structures, applying the right measures in the right places. In this way, impact can be created sustainably in the medium run and the path can be designed with equal distribution of responsibility.

Career ladder - The broken rung

Women on their way to the top

The future of leadership is feminine

Today and tomorrow

Characteristics of leadership today and tomorrow are feminine qualities.

Talents demand a new way of leadership. Eight of the ten most desired competences for leadership tasks are considered to be typically feminine, including expressive, insightful, flexible, loyal, cooperative and forward-looking.

Women are more value-driven and can hence be more responsive to the needs of people entering the labour market.

"More gender diversity, particularly in corporate settings, can translate to increased productivity, greater innovation, better decision-making, and higher employee retention and satisfaction."

- Morgan Stanley, 2017

100% of the pool

The goal is competitive advantage

100% – both of the talents and the consumer force.

Too few applicants, too few women on the way up? Women make up (about) half of the population, professionals, workers and consumers. So we should ensure access to 100 % of the talent – all humans. And enter the market of 100 % of the consumers. This ensures the long-term success of the company.

“Women have a 3-D sense of innovation.” – Prof. Birkner. Innovations require a comprehensive understanding of the market, products and customers.

More women in central innovation processes means including the perspective of several social groups in the creation of products.

Women as innovators

With and through their 3D sense

Digital, agile, New Work

Productive, effective, inspiring, motivating, encouraging & challenging

All that?! Yes! And more…

Home Office ≠ Remote Work – effective and healthy digital work means more than just working from home. This not only poses special challenges for collaboration; it also offers unique opportunities.

Now more than ever, it is important to inspire, support and retain employees and to create an effective way of working.

We design and lead the change to an innovative and resilient business and organization.

For today and the future.

Wir machen Remote Work. Besser. Für mehr Gleichstellung!

Dazu gehört viel mehr, als nur die Verlegung des Arbeitsortes nach Hause. Es erfordert eine Unternehmenskultur, die inspiriert, motiviert, loyal ist!

Wie unsere Steuergelder in „Female Washing“ verschwinden

Oder: Wieso sind wir nicht wütender? Wo sind die Kontroversen im öffentlichen Diskurs beim „Frauenproblem“?

Count on women when it comes to fostering entrepreneurial mindsets!

...acknowledging the fact that women innovate differently and especially the way HOW they innovate, uncovers why it is necessary for sustainable businesses to include women in the right places.